« Deux Soliloques »
« Two Soliloquies »


The first one was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture.
The second one was composed at Jacques Adnet’s request for the exam of the Paris Conservatory.

Extract of « Music and book reviews » by William Scharnberg Contributing Editor in « The Horn Call »/No. 25.1/November 1994
« Édith Lejet, a Professor of Composition at the Paris Conservatory, wrote DEUX SOLILOQUES as the compulsory piece for solo horn at the June 1993 Conservatory competition. As an « exam »piece for students completing their curriculum, this work incorporates a gamut of contemporary techniques . The composer’s exacting verbal directions may necessitate the use of a good French dictionary. Although it is a virtuoso solo, Professor Lejet clearly has strong musical convictions and a sense of drama. Both movements are written in proportional notation and make good use of the low register down to written f#. Although there are a few high notes up to c’’’, at only one point in the first soliloquy is the higher tessitura sustained, thereby creating a solo that can be practiced for longer periods of time than many. The second movement demands greater finger dexterity and lip flexibility. Whether you perform this solo or simply use it to test your skill against the 1993 horn class at the Paris Conservatory, you owe it to yourself to purchase a copy. »
(The Horn Call Editor : Johnny Pherigo, School of Music, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, USA).

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