« Sept Chants Sacrés »
« Seven Sacral Songs »
for female choir or twelve female voices and organ

duration : 15 minutes

This piece was composed in 1991 for a female professional choir gathering around fourty singers (the voice parts are rather difficult as intonation), with an organ accompaniment.
In 2003, it was adaptated for twelve soloists and organ, and dedicated to Nicole Corti and the “Choeur Britten” in this new version.
It is the setting of latin literary texts, which belong to the Antiphonarium of Benedictine monks. All of them are short eight verses poems in praise of God ; day after day they deal with the World’s creation.
They originally served as words for gregorian hymns, the music of which was not taken into account here.
The seven pieces are individually organized around melodic, harmonic and rhythmic principles of same nature. But there is no thematic link between them.
Without damaging the general cohesion, each piece is conceived as a whole, and tries to find its proper character in contrast with the others.