« Les mille-pattes »
« The centipedes »

Commissioned by both the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education
Premièred in Paris at the « Fête de la Musique » on the 21st of June 1989

Explanation of the project :
It was a matter of making primary schools and conservatories of music get closer everywhere in France, with the wish of putting in touch children without any special musical knowledge and young instrumentalists studying in conservatories. The aim was to offer them an opportunity to play music together.

Main specificities :
Composer : Édith Lejet
Words : René David
Type of work : Musical tale for eight-to-ten-year-old children
Duration : about 12 minutes
Specificities : the piece is composed of an easy song in dialogue aimed at children who are not students in a conservatory, and an instrumental part with a great deal of choice in term of instrumental groupings.
This officially commissioned work, composed on the occasion of the « Fête de la Musique », is preferably intended to be performed outdoors by a wind orchestra or a wind band. But the piece may be played at the piano, or performed by four or five instruments of a same family, wind or string as well.

The score :
It is a soft-cover twenty-four-page score, with seventeen separate leaves for the instruments, and some instructions given by the composer.

Publisher : Lemoine