« Méandres »
« Meanders »
for Bass Saxhorn in B b and piano

To Fernand Lelong
1976, then 1985
Superior level
5 minutes 30

Commissioned by the « Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris » (CNSMDP, « the Paris Conservatory »), « Méandres » was the compulsory piece at the June 1976 Conservatory competition for both tuba and bass saxhorn.
It was not published yet.
It is only later, in 1985, that Fernand Lelong, in charge of the concerned class at the Paris Conservatory, and at the same time director of the collection « Le Tuba » at the publishing house « Editions Gérard Billaudot », suggested that it would be worthwhile to remodel the piece and conceive a new version more specifically for bass saxhorn, bringing some modifications to make it fulfil its mission of « exam » piece.
Then it was published and was the compulsory piece at the June 1985 Conservatory competition for bass saxhorn.
This music, of atonal style, is written in a quite traditional way, and displays certain lyricism.
To express the piece’s meaning, it is very important to meticulously take account of dynamic marks as well as everything about modes of attack and articulation.
« Méandres » is quoted in François Pouillon’s book « À propos du Tuba » published by « Editions Gérard Billaudot ».

Publisher : Gérard Billaudot
Collection « Le Tuba », directed by Fernand Lelong