« Lion »

3 minutes 30

This piece for guitar, commissioned by the « Association du Royaume de la Musique », benefits Betho Davezac’s fingerings.
The opportunity of the commission was seized to try, through this music, to make a joint between « Gémeaux » and « Balance », so to offer the option of playing the three pieces one after another and to form a kind of trilogy.

The piece, which is not tonal, is characterized by its impetuosity from beginning to end. It is a ternary form.

The first section is not supported by regular beats. It is written in proportional notation, allowing the performer a margin of freedom, at least as far as the flow of rapid groups and the duration of long value notes are concerned.
The piece begins with a vigorous gesture, curving down and up. It comes just before a kind of speech supposedly uttered in a firm and steady voice, made of short sentences irregularly divided.

The central section, in contrast, is supported by beats. It is rhythmical and evokes a dance.

The third section, counterpart of the first one, is much shorter.

Max Eschig Publisher : collection for guitar, Betho Davezac
Distributor : Durand