« Jade »
for alto saxophone and percussion

To Max Jézouin and the students of Saxophone at the Angouleme’s Conservatory
2 minutes 30

This piece was composed with an educational purpose, at Max Jézouin’s request, for pupils of preparatory or elementary level. It contains different kinds of difficulties, in answer to Max Jézouin’s suggestions.

The percussion part is not difficult and can be played by a young student of percussion.
It needs :
- 2 drums of same category (two different pitches)
- 1 triangle
- 1 suspended cymbal
In case there is no triangle, one single cymbal will do.

The piece is divided into three sections :
I - In the first section one of the drums makes a regular pulsation, while the saxophone, in very short scraps of phrases, is supported by the beats and puts into practice rhythmical notions acquired in the class of theory. These phrases are made of only six notes, always in the same register. However their ordering, their duration, the way they have to be attacked or played are constantly renewed.
II - In the second section, on the contrary, there is no beat (the score is written in proportional notation). The saxophone part, then melodic and expressive, in a rubato character of improvisation, has the leader role, the percussion being only a punctuation.
III - In the third section, which is a variation of the first one, the beat again is prevailing.
At the end the saxophone unfolds a descending nostalgic phrase, before emitting a multiphonic sound aimed at merging into a tremolo of the suspended cymbal for an iridescence effect.

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