« Gravir »

for trumpet and piano



Dedicated to Liberta Duet (Antoine Candela and Christine Jeandroz)

Composition in 2014

Duration : 5 minutes

Commissioned by Liberta Duet

Creation : April 7, 2015 in "Chapelle Ambroise Paré" - 53000 Laval

Edition :

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Commentaire :

The overall harmonic color of the piece is due to a complex of four notes separated from each other by ‘triton / perfect fourth / triton’. This scale sometimes extends with the same logical alternation of fourths and tritons, although it is not very strict.

In fact the choice of notes with their layout is controlled by the ear with great care.

One can remark in the course of this piece some gestures that come and come back several times in a spirit of constant variation.

If the trumpet has a key role in the first section, the two instruments will soon introduce a dialogue, imitating the intonations of spoken language, and simulate a short play they are the protagonists of.
Therefore the piano part is not cast to be a simple accompaniment. In a contrapuntal style both instruments answer each other.

At first we hear the trumpet in its lower register. Very gradually the trumpet part evolves towards higher areas, until it reaches the acute register at the end.