« Gémeaux »
« Gemini »

5 minutes 30

This piece for guitar was composed on return from a journey in Spain, following some conversations with Spanish composers.
A preliminary phase of work to get a better knowledge of the instrument was done with Alberto Ponce who at that time was used to perform pieces by Maurice Ohana and Charles Chaynes : his hints were precious.
The fingerings appearing on the score are his.

However it was not him but one of his disciples, Mike Dezavelle, who gave « Gémeaux » its first performance, when the piece was recorded by Radio-France and broadcast on France-Culture during a Rémy Stricker’s programme « Pouvoirs de la Musique » (december 1978).

The piece, of impressionist style, is written in proportional notation. It is not supported by a regular beat.
With lots of contrasts in term of colour-tone and articulation, the piece makes use of rather contemporary language, enriched by flamenco reminiscences, and integrates some percussion effects, microtones and glissandi.

The work is split into two short pieces : one of them is characterized by delicacy and refinement, while the other one, more nervous, might evoke an impulsive temperament always refraining.

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