« Des Fleurs en forme de Diamants »
« Diamond-Shaped Flowers »

mini-concerto for guitar and a group of seven instruments
Dedicated to Olivier Chassain
Duration : 10 minutes

This piece was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture.
It was composed on Olivier Chassain’s initiative, to be given its first performance in 1998 in Bordeaux by himself and the « Musique Nouvelle » Ensemble conducted by Michel Fusté-Lambezat.
The instrumental accompaniment includes : a flute in C, a clarinet in B b, a bassoon, a marimba, a viola, a cello and a four-string double bass.
It has already been on the programme of several concerts, within various contexts, with Olivier Chassain,Geneviève Chanut or Betho Davezac as soloist.
It is a one movement piece whose title, refering to a traditional Japanese decorative pattern, points out exclusively the poetic aspect and glittering side.
However a dramatic development will evolve towards a paroxysm and give this music its real meaning.
When the climax is reached, the beat will suddenly break off, to give place to a shimmering insert.
A spirit of variation gives shape to this music, that two complementary scales support. All the parameters generally used in Western polyphonic music are taken into account, with a special care as far as breathing is concerned (arsis/thesis).

Unpublished score