« Émeraude et Rubis »
« Emerald and Ruby »
for two flutes

3 minutes

These two short pieces, which were the object of an official commission from the Ministry of Culture for educational purposes, are meant for a flautist relatively beginner in his instrumental learning. It is he who plays the leading role. Another flautist, in fact more experienced, plays the supporting part, sometimes giving the first flute his cue, sometimes making a musical environment to embellish the line of the main part.
These pieces of poetic character aim at suggesting precious stones’ sparkle and purity.
In order to organize the unfolding of the work with the more efficient rhythmical flexibility, apart from any feeling of pulsation, a proportional notation system was used, each compartment being equivalent to one second. This way of writing requires from the instrumentalists a thorough checking fragment by fragment.
In this music, it is essential to carefully respect every indication about dynamics, articulations and attacks. And to play these pieces it is important to attentively listen to the partner.
« Emeraude et Rubis » was recorded in 1983 at Radio-France. The performers, respectively eleven-and-seventeen-year-old girls, were two students of the « Conservatoire National de Région » of Boulogne-Billancourt.

Publisher : Editions Musicales Transatlantiques
« La Flûte Contemporaine », collection Pierre-Yves Artaud