« Musique pour Trompette et Quintette de Cuivres »
« Music for Trumpet and Brass Quintet »

To Pierre Thibaud
Duration : 13 minutes

This work, which is made of five short distinctive movements, was composed at Pierre Thibaud’s request between January and April 1968.
It was first performed at the Festival of Aix-en-Provence, then the Festival of Saint-Malo, before being recorded in studio by the recording department of Radio-France in the spring 1969, for its chamber music broadcasts.
At the end of 1969, it was used as a soundtrack for the presentation of an architectural project within the context of the « Biennale de Paris ».
The form of each movement is free.
The trumpet’s song often has a declamatory tone.
It is it which brings about the various replicas, echoes, and generally speaking the comings and goings of the surrounding sound mass.
The style is freely atonal, and sometimes makes use of micro-tones in the solo trumpet part.
The training of electro-acoustic music followed two years before composing this piece may somehow explain the specific quality of this music, which is above all intuitive.

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