« Balance »

6 minutes

« Balance » was commissioned by the Carpentra’s Cultural Centre, on the occasion of its 5th International Competition of Guitar.
The piece premièred on 15 april 1983 at the competition’s final, which took place at the Town Hall of Carpentras.
The First Price was attributed to Claudio Marcotulli (Italy), the Second Price to Stephan Schmidt (Germany).
At that time, « Balance » was not published yet. On the manuscript it was written in proportional notation from beginning to end.
For its publication, Rafael Andia suggested to transcribe the most part of this music in a 4/4-bar system.
On the score, Rafael Andia’s fingerings appear.
The piece always develops an idea of alternance.
It is divided into four sequences.
The music does not refer to tonality.
In a context of poetry and refinement, the piece is built from motives which reproduce each other and tangle in an apparently disordered way, but their accurate or varied recurrence, their superposition, their combination and disunion as well as their echos all together create a texture where one can find landmarks with moments of tension and relaxation.
The extraordinary palette of tone-colours offered by the guitar could not help being exploited.

Éditions Musicales Transatlantiques : « la guitare contemporaine », Rafael Andia’s collection