« Almost a Song »

7 minutes

« Almost a Song » for viola and guitar was commissioned by the Paris Conservatoire for the celebration of its Bicentenary.
The structure follows the song form ‘A-B-A’. In the third section, instead of mere recurrence, all is symmetric and opposite to the first statement : what goes up now goes down ; what was played by the guitar is now played by the viola.
It is therefore a sort of instrumental song.Extract from an article dated 5/11/97 in « Grammophone » Reviews Galley
« I particularly liked Édith Lejet’s interplay of sonorities and exchange of roles in the recapitulation. The compasses of the guitar (a ‘baritone’ instrument) and viola permit the two instruments to work either in complementary fashion, or to occupy the same pitch place, while separate in the latter case by their very different characteristics of tone and attack. »

Publisher : Eschig
Distributor : Durand